These are Historic and Challenging times not only for our First Responders but the very communities that they serve during this COVID-19 crisis.

At a time of social distancing, we found the country needed a symbol that would unite us all, and mark this period in our country's history when we all banded together. We are making a statement that we ALL can agree to, TOGETHER WE STAND.

​WHAT BETTER THAN A FLAG, THAT CAN BE FLOWN FROM EVERY HOME, EVERY FIRE AND POLICE STATION, BUSINESSES, GROCERY STORES, NURSING HOMES, SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, TOWN BUILDINGS?  Seen from a distance it inspires hope, courage, and unity that our country will make it through this all together. 

 We have created a regional, soon to be a national campaign, to fly 3x5 Together We Stand Flags for First Responders fighting this pandemic and those serving on the frontlines. This encompasses the firefighters, EMS, Police, and medical personnel in the different towns, cities, and states. The goal is to BOOST MORALE and raise funds for first responders locally, as well as present a strong visual and tangible image throughout the community of emotional support for those serving on the front lines.


The  Together We Stand flags are 3x5 nylon, single reverse, and waterproof that are manufactured and supplied through New England Flag and Banner in Woburn Ma. The goal is to sell, distribute and have them flown at local Firehouses, Police stations, town and city halls, hospitals businesses, manufacturers and homes.


The Profits will be distributed to local responders through State firefighter, law enforcement and first responder associations. 


We kicked off the National Campaign in New London NH this Friday, April 10th at the New London Fire House with Fire Chief Jay Lyon,Police Chief Emily Cobb and New London Hospital EMS Director Shawn Riley. The town Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Pam Drewniak purchased 5 flags for the town's first responder departments including are Fire, Police, New London Hospital EMS Emergency personnel and the Lake Sunapee Regional VNA.

We are proud of the leadership in New London and their support of their first responders.

We hope the rest of the country follows their lead.


This is for THEM