Small Town Big heart

The Town Of New London New Hampshire is quintessential hometown America. Surrounded by majestic mountains, abundant lakes and streams, and verdant farmlands, this New Hampshire town was long home to the Abenaki tribes of the Androscoggin and Pennacook Nations. Fishing and Hunting were abundant and they were the first to practice what has come today to be key foundations for our wildlife and forestry management. The gentle Abenaki farmed along the rivers, and worked with the natural cycles of nature and the wildlife migrations.The State on New Hampshire was settled early in our nation's history, by fishermen that cast their nets here in 1623. It is one of the 13 original colonies. The town of New London was founded in 1779 and now is home to about 4500 year round residents. New London Hospital is commited to keeping their residents healthy, Colby Sawyer College ensures a vibrant youthful population, and the diverse natural recreation of boating, skiing and hiking as well as the New London Playhouse make it a favorite destination for visitors. At it's heart is the people and the community, that come together to help each other, especially in times of Crisis. The town has rallied behind this current pandemic, ensuring safer grocery stores like Hannafords and banks like Bar Harbor, who are dedicated to serving and protecting their customers and employees alike. The leadership of the First Responders have united together to present a strong front and assure their community they will fight hard to keep New London safe during this challenging time in our country, I am proud of the lead New London has taken in flying the Together We Stand Flags. Our towns, community and country is better, when....Together We Stand.

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